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At Coleridge Primary School our aim is to create a happy, friendly and inclusive school, where children and adults respect each other. We want children to grow up enjoying learning.

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Coleridge Primary’s Underground Tubes Station

As part of our outdoor learning week starting on 13 October 2014, some of the children will be building a water irrigation system for our allotment, mainly out of recycled materials. We will need plenty of 500ml or 750ml drinks bottles with screw top lids. We will be attaching tubing to the bottles through the lid so it has to be the screw top variety (rather than the pop-up type). The bottles will be pierced and buried under ground near the plants to provide a slow-release system.
These will all be connected to recycled water collection and storage station. This project will teach the children about caring for plants and the importance of recycling and the environment.
Veolia Environmental Service has kindly awarded the school a grant to help with the costs for the equipment we need to purchase.

Head's Blog

Head’s blog 15th September 2014

Most parents share the same frustration with their children when they ask what they did at school today. The usual response is, “I can’t remember” and often trying to get an answer is a challenge. The reality is that for most of our children the school day is so full, busy and jam-packed, that trying to remember everything is difficult and therefore children resort to that standard, default answer.

My first fortnight as Headteacher at Coleridge was the same. When my parents called me after the first week, and asked me what I’d been doing, I struggled to recall and I nearly answered, “I can’t remember. “  It had been so busy and I’d learnt so much about my new role.
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Haringey Hopefuls

Haringey Hopefuls

Coleridge Girls’ Football Team continued their successful season, reaching the semi -finals of the Haringey Tournament and thus qualifying for the play offs to represent the Borough in the London Youth Games.
Storming through the group stages, scoring 16 goals in 5 games whilst once again conceding none, the team came up against St Gilda’s in the quarter finals.
A solid 2-0 victory led to a semi-finals match against St. Mary’s, which Coleridge dominated, but could not find that elusive goal. Going to penalties, the team lost 3-2, the conceded goal the only time goalkeeper Manon touched the ball in the match.

Despite an outstanding team performance and loosing only one of their five matches by the single goal, the boys were unlucky to progress beyond the group stages.


Secondary Transfer Letter

Please click here to see a copy of the Secondary Transfer Letter.

Girls Grab Goals

Coleridge girls emerged victorious in the Highgate Wood Primary Schools Six-a-Side Football Tournament, winning all their games, scoring 11 goals whilst conceding none. Indeed the defence was so strong that goalkeeper Manon was almost a spectator, only touching the ball twice throughout the tournament. Special mention must be made of Chloe and Nancy from Year 4, playing in their first matches representing the school, competing against girls up to two years older than themselves.
The Coleridge Boys B team won their first three games scoring nine goals while also conceding none. However having to play their last two games consecutively, the scorching heat became too much for them and they conceded the only goal of the match against Campsbourne, picking up the silver medal.
Despite valiant individual performances, the Boys A team experienced two narrow losses to other schools before a victory against Rokesly.
Congratulations to all those who took part and we look forward to more success in the Haringey Tournament.
Girls Football Team

Volunteer Parents Needed!

We are looking for parents who are willing to help read with children on a regular basis. If you would like to get involved in our Reading Volunteers Scheme then please leave your name and contact details on the sign-up sheet in the office (East or West).

You will also need to attend the relevant training session below:
Friday 26th September (3.25pm – 4.15pm)
with Jules Preston in 2P (crèche facilities provided).

If you were kind enough to volunteer last year and would like to continue to offer your support, then please pop into 2P either before or after school any day in the next few weeks and speak to Miss Preston or email the school admin and ask for the email to be passed on.

Year 4 in the Woods

To begin their topic on Scavengers and Settlers Year 4 went on a trip to Queens and Highgate Woods. The children completed a series of interactive activities and thought about how life might have been different for our ancestors. We began by building shelters (as our nomadic hunter forefathers would have) and then focused on what they might have done for entertainment and how they communicated with one another. The children had a great time and thrived during the practical activities. Year 4 plan to return to the woods to explore further outdoor learning opportunities throughout the coming year. You can see pictures of the children at work on their fantastic shelters in the slideshow below.

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