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At Coleridge Primary School our aim is to create a happy, friendly and inclusive school, where children and adults respect each other. We want children to grow up enjoying learning.

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School closed for half term

School will close for half term from end of school on Friday 22nd May and will reopen again on Monday 1st June.

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Head’s Blog 4th May 2015

It’s almost impossible at the moment to escape the fervour of the General Election. Everywhere one turns, there are images, broadcasts, fliers and people knocking on your door, all trying to persuade you that the benefits of their policies far outweigh those of their opponents. The energy and excitement is everywhere – (even in Dunn’s they are canvassing people’s opinions through the sale of politically aligned doughnuts)!
Despite this, what always astounds me about the results of UK elections, is the remarkably low turnout figure. For me, voting is more than just a right, it is a responsibility.
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Creepy Crawly Show

On Monday 11th May Nursery and Reception had a very exciting visit from the Creepy Crawly Show as part of our topic ‘Growing.’
Lots of children were brave enough to volunteer to help out the Creepy Crawly Ranger with his amazing creatures. It was really fun to learn about all of the animals that were brought to Coleridge. We saw an American corn snake that smells through his tongue and a Yellow Bellied Terrapin which can live until he is 100! We also met a Royal Python, Tarantula from Chile, a Salamander, a Leopard Gecko and the biggest toad from Japan. The best part was watching Mr Grimadell and Mr Chamberlain being challenged to hold a Madagascan Giant Cockroach on their heads!

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“Transform” come out triumphant at the polls!

The Coleridge Election was a great success! On Friday 8th, all children from Year 2-6 visited the polling station in the West hall to cast their vote. Official polling booths, ballot papers and ballot boxes were kindly provided by Sian Roberts from Electoral Reform Services, who also trained up some children to run the election. Each class voted for their own constituency seat, with ‘Transform’ coming out on top with a whopping 14 constituencies out of a possible 21. The staff seat went to ‘Progress.’

Well done to all the political parties, particularly to ‘Transform.’ Click here to see an overview of ‘Transform’s’ policies. The whole party have already booked in their first official meeting with Mr Choueke after half-term to firm up their plans for the future of the school.

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Coleridge goes to the polls

With the General Election looming, we have been busy organising the ‘Coleridge Election’. Our election will be for children from Year 2 – Year 6 and will take place on Friday 8th May. We hope that the Coleridge Election will help children to understand about voting and the democratic process that takes place to elect someone; as well as furthering their understanding of some of the key issues that are being discussed at this General Election.
We have created 4 fictional Political parties:
– Vision
– Progress
– Transform
– Unity
Each party is made up of 8 children from across all the Year 5 and 6 classes, including one democratically elected party leader. The children have created policies that they want to campaign on and have been canvassing furiously for support! After creating their manifestos and campaign posters, the children will be preparing to deliver impassioned speeches to classes in an attempt to drum up support. Children in Year 5 and 6 will be running the campaign, but they will use children in younger years to help them. On Friday 8th there will be a live debate in the morning. Children will then vote by lunchtime. In the afternoon there will be a special assembly to reveal who wins the election and a prize will be given. What an exciting time for politics!

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