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At Coleridge Primary School our aim is to create a happy, friendly and inclusive school, where children and adults respect each other. We want children to grow up enjoying learning.

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Sports Camp returns

Jason and Mario will be running the very popular Coleridge Sports Camp between 9am – 3pm, Monday – Friday during half term. For more information please see the attached flyer and booking form below.

Sports Camp flyer

Sports camp booking form

Head's Blog

Head’s blog 8th October 2014

Last weekend it was Yom Kippur, a time when Jews around the world spend the day fasting, reflecting on the past year and thinking about those we may have wronged. We also acknowledge any mistakes we may have made and think about how to improve ourselves.
I always find the fasting aspect of the day a challenge, however once I have got over my craving for a morning cup of tea (on a normal day I never crave tea), I find the day strangely therapeutic. I enjoy the luxury of having time out of my busy life to stop and think about how the last year has been, and to think about how I would like my new year to be.
In many children’s lives, time for pausing and reflecting is finite, particularly during the busy school day. However, as Yom Kippur always reminds me, the value of self-reflection can never be under estimated.

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Year 3 Outdoor Learning

Year 3 have been learning about Tudor buildings and have had a go at making ‘Wattle and Daub’. It was very messy but lots of fun.

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Year 5 create Fibonacci Spirals

As part of Outdoor Learning Week, Year 5 created Fibonacci Spirals using natural resources.

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5S Outdoor Week

During Outdoor Learning Week, Year 5 started work on their outdoor area for the ‘Coleridge in Bloom’ competition

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