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At Coleridge Primary School our aim is to create a happy, friendly and inclusive school, where children and adults respect each other. We want children to grow up enjoying learning.

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Details of the new School Milk scheme

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Head’s blog 14th April 2015

The notion of an ‘outsider’ coming into your school to make a judgement about the ethos and learning is a daunting experience. One can only hope that whoever the inspectors are and whatever backgrounds they come from, that they see, experience and understand the essence of what it is that makes your school unique and special.

Before the inspectors arrived I wrote a list of five imperative aspects of Coleridge that I wanted the inspectors to pick up on and for us to showcase. After the first day, it was apparent from discussions that they had begun to understand what life and learning at Coleridge is like.
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Coleridge goes to the polls

With the General Election looming, we have been busy organising the ‘Coleridge Election’. Our election will be for children from Year 2 – Year 6 and will take place on Friday 8th May.  We hope that the Coleridge Election will help children to understand about voting and the democratic process that takes place to elect someone; as well as further their understanding of some of the key issues that are being discussed at this general election.

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Nursery’s second visit to the Forest School

Nursery had their second session at Queen’s Wood yesterday. We walked through the trees to find our camp for the day. We started the session sitting in a log circle listening to a story about Spring, we had already seen how the forest had changed since last time. This time we enjoyed bug hunting, climbing and balancing on an assault course of ropes, making mud pies in our mud kitchen, making music with instruments and reading books under the tarpaulins that we had put up to give us shelter from the sun. Our favourite part of the day was swinging on the rope swing that we made; we took turns and pushed our friends on it. We also went on an adventure walk and found tadpoles swimming around in the ponds. We finished the session singing some of our favourite songs and having a drink and a biscuit!

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Sponsorship in Zanzibar

6D have recently made links with a school in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The children have pen-pals in the school and have been writing and receiving letters over the past six weeks. One of the teachers from KINS will be visiting Year 6 in May to talk more about the school and life in Zanzibar. Here is a link to the school’s website:


KINS is a non-profit, independent school which provides a good quality education for many local, as well as expatriate, children. Many children in Tanzania don’t attend school at all and often girls are much less likely to go than boys.   Most at KINS are reliant on sponsorships from tourists to pay for their education. Zulekha is a little girl from Mafarasi village in Kiwengwa whose mother, Khadija, works as a cleaner at the school. Khadija is desperate for her daughter to attend, but cannot afford the tuition fees and uniform. The cost of Zulekha’s education for one year is £567. At Coleridge, we are hoping to raise enough money to send Zulekha to school next year and every year for the rest of her schooling. Ms Davies is planning a trip to Zanzibar in the summer holidays to visit the school and (hopefully) give them the money. The children will be having an assembly soon with some ideas for fundraising both in and outside of school. There will also be a collection in both East and West offices for Zulekha if you would like to donate. Click here to see details of Zulekha’s Sponsorship. Thank you.

Latest edition of The Coleridge newspaper

The staff at The Coleridge newspaper have been working hard to produce our spring edition. You will find articles on the history of the school, interviews, sports reports, features, as well as some fun puzzles and comics. The Year 5 and 6 children give up their own time after school to research, write and format this fantastic newspaper. They work brilliantly as a team, and should be very proud of their achievements. The next edition of the Coleridge will be released in the Summer Term. Click here to access a copy of the Spring edition.