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At Coleridge Primary School our aim is to create a happy, friendly and inclusive school, where children and adults respect each other. We want children to grow up enjoying learning.

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Sports Clubs Autumn Term 2014

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Head’s blog 15th September 2014

Most parents share the same frustration with their children when they ask what they did at school today. The usual response is, “I can’t remember” and often trying to get an answer is a challenge. The reality is that for most of our children the school day is so full, busy and jam-packed, that trying to remember everything is difficult and therefore children resort to that standard, default answer.

My first fortnight as Headteacher at Coleridge was the same. When my parents called me after the first week, and asked me what I’d been doing, I struggled to recall and I nearly answered, “I can’t remember. “  It had been so busy and I’d learnt so much about my new role.
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Year 4 in the Woods

To begin their topic on Scavengers and Settlers Year 4 went on a trip to Queens and Highgate Woods. The children completed a series of interactive activities and thought about how life might have been different for our ancestors. We began by building shelters (as our nomadic hunter forefathers would have) and then focused on what they might have done for entertainment and how they communicated with one another. The children had a great time and thrived during the practical activities. Year 4 plan to return to the woods to explore further outdoor learning opportunities throughout the coming year. You can see pictures of the children at work on their fantastic shelters in the slideshow below.

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A living roof for the outdoor classroom

This slideshow features the new living roof fitted to our outdoor classroom. The roof was made possible with help of a grant from the Metropolitan Parks and Gardens Association. Coleridge is now the grateful custodian of an eco-classroom.

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Coleridge Junior Masterchef

After over fifty entries to the Coleridge Junior Masterchef, five finalists were chosen, they were; Gabriella (5F), William (3H), Daniel (5S), Ruby (3R) and George (5F). The children ordered all their ingredients online and on Thursday 3rd July cooked their dish in the school kitchens. The standard of the dishes was incredibly high and after a lot of deliberation, Daniel Cohen was crowned the winner.

Daniel cooked his dish on Wednesday 9th July for all children and staff and the responses were overwhelming! We hope to see Daniel’s ‘Sticky Chicken with rice and peas’ on the menu for a long time to come!

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