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At Coleridge Primary School our aim is to create a happy, friendly and inclusive school, where children and adults respect each other. We want children to grow up enjoying learning.

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Dance Off

Last week, the rounds for the Cultures of Coleridge Dance Off were held. We saw a range of dances that were inspired by different places around the world including ballet, capoeira and bhangra. The standard of dancing was amazing and it was fantastic to see all children getting up on stage and enjoying dance. Well done to the winning classes from each year group who were RI, 1T, 2T, 3H, 3G, 4F, 5N and 6P. They will be performing in this week’s eagerly awaited final!

Head's Blog

Head’s Blog June 5th 2015

During the holiday, I watched the state opening of Parliament. Though I have always been interested in the colour, tradition and ceremony of the event, on this occasion I paid more careful attention, viewing it all through the eyes of a new head teacher. I couldn’t help but wonder what the new government might have in store for state education and for Coleridge Primary school. The constant changes imposed by the government, have, over the years, been responsible for keeping many head teachers wide awake at night!

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Featured Posts

5M’s Outdoor Assembly

5M recently had an outdoor assembly where they performed a history of the British Isles looking at the Celts, Romans and Anglo-Saxons. There was even a pitched battle!

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Nursery’s third visit to the Forest School

Last week Nursery had their third Forest School session in Queen’s Wood. It was really dark in our camp because the trees had grown so many leaves! We enjoyed activities including painting and printing, making picture frames and weaving and creating owl houses with natural materials. We loved singing songs around the log circle with Mr Smith playing his ukulele! We also really enjoyed going on an adventurous woodland walk and climbing over and under trees that we think had fallen down due to lightning strikes.

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Children’s Artwork at Hornsey Library

The children have created some lovely artwork for Crouch End Festival.
Two themes formed the starting points for the work: ‘Seasons’, and ‘Migration – The Arctic Tern’ for the large canvas piece.
Much of the work has arisen naturally from the topics that the children have been working on in their classes. So Year 3 have created ships traversing stormy spring tides; Year 4  have been thinking about seasons through images of winter in a variety of media, including photography; Year 5 have been thinking about changing weather conditions as the seasons change and also the kinds of suitcases they would need for holidays and picnics in varying seasons and climates.
Children across the school have studied and painted spring flowers, created items for the suitcases and helped to create a spring window box from recycled materials.
A variety of children have worked on this piece and contributed ideas and expertise in several ways.
The canvas piece has been created by a group of children and this has changed and developed over time; as well as being affected by seasonal variation (we left it outside accidentally over a very wet weekend). One child looked back on this disaster in a positive light “We have had accidents that turned out to be triumphs”. Another said, “We found the materials that we thought might have been washed up by the sea. Anything can get washed up by the sea, so we have used found objects.”
We wanted to show how the Arctic Tern creates nests in a seemingly haphazard way, but produces eggs that are cleverly camouflaged on a stony beach.

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